JODConvert multiples LibreOffice instances

JODConvert multiples LibreOffice instances Alfresco Add-on Module

This module improves stability and performance of preview documents on Alfresco Community. It will add JODConvert multiples LibreOffice instances can manage more document transformation transactions.

  • This module is implemented on JODConverter V3.0
  • Multiple and unlimited LibreOffice Instances and processes (Depend on your hardware)
  • Automatic restart of crashed LibreOffice Instances
  • Automatic termination of slow LibreOffice processes

Version 1.0


  • Port Numbers
  • LibreOffice Home
  • Max Tasks Per Process
  • Task Execution Timeout
  • Task Queue Timeout
  • Connect Timeout

Alfresco Version(s): Community 4.2.x Community 5.0.x Community 5.1.x

License: Proprietary

Alfresco Product(s): Repository Installation

Method: AMP

Component Type(s): Integration

Extension Point(s): Java Service Class

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